The Value of a Good Photographer

My friend Ola and I were hanging out earlier in the week, so we did a quick photo-shoot. A little while later, voila, a new social media profile picture! Thanks, Ola!
Especially as a blogger, there’s really something to be said for having a talented photographer in your corner. In my situation, there’s also something to be said for having that photographer as your college roommate!
A question I get asked quite often is, “who takes all of your outfit photos for the blog?” Answer: I have a mix of people who help me out, but this year I have been ridiculously lucky to have a roommate who is extremely talented with photography and oh so very willing to help out with the blog! Ola is truly such a blessing and I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate. Not only is she a talented photographer and extremely compatible roommate, she is also an absolutely amazing friend.
Every now and then this year I would come back to the room after all my classes, she’d give my outfit an up-and-down, and then say something like, “That looks like a bloggable outfit. Photoshoot?”
She and I are major goofballs and a good portion of our pictures together are silly selfies or candid shots someone else took while we were being out usual goofy selfs. She’s usually the one behind the camera!
Photo shoots take almost no time when I do them with Ola, but we still get great photos! It helps that she knows the various kinds of shots I need for the blog and she knows the locations we’ve already shot at. I’ve said it already in so many words, but a talented and fun photographer is is such a huge help as a blogger, 
(and Ola is AWESOME!)
Want to see more of Ola’s work? Check out her fabulous Flickr account!
Happy Friday!
  • Her photos are absolutely stunning!! You are so very lucky to have her as a roommate and photographer!

    E is for Elegance

  • So pretty! I wish I had that good of a photographer friend! 🙂