Emojis I Wish Existed

I am a huge fan of using emojis on my iPhone when I’m texting people, or Instagram-ing, or creating a new contact. That being said, I believe that Apple is missing a few key (at least to me) emojis. If I could add any emojis I wanted, they would be the following…
a flamingo
The emoji keyboard is most certainly lacking in pink and birds, so why not add a flamingo? It just makes sense! A flamingo emoji needs to exist ASAP.
There are so many food options in the emoji keyboard, but macarons aren’t currently one of them. With the number of Ladurée and macaron pictures that are constantly popping up in my newsfeed, adding one of these would make plenty of sense.
an owl
Since joining Chi Omega last fall I have realized that there is no owl emoji… and that should change.
a pair of flip flops
Such a summer essential! There should definitely be a flip flop emoji for days spent at the beach and/or poolside. If they made them look like Jacks I certainly wouldn’t be complaining…

Movie time! Again with the lack of certain food emojis…

ballet shoes
I’ve always been a dancer, so this is a basic and necessary addition in my opinion.
fingers crossed
I have a tendency to say “fingers crossed” quite a lot. An emoji would be super helpful for me.
Fingers crossed they make one eventually! 😉
What emojis do you wish existed?
  • Love this! I've actually thought to myself a few times "I wish there were a flamingo emoji".

  • I wish all these existed too! There definitely needs to be more emojis.


  • I completely agree with the need for a 'fingers crossed' emoji! The amount of times I go along and try to search for it only to find it's not there! It makes no sense to me!

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  • Laura Garrett

    The flamingo & fingers crossed would be on point if they were to add them to the family of emojis

  • The fingers crossed is the one I wish they had the most often! I would use it all the time!