Apps I’m Loving – Part II

This is my second app post to date (check out Part I here). I’m constantly trying out new apps for my phone and these are a few of my current favorites.
iPhones are automatically loaded with a basic weather app, but I loooove the Yahoo weather app so much more! You can have multiple locations set, which you can swipe between, and each location features pictures from that area that have been recently uploaded to Flickr. This app is also really reliable with forecasting. It even gives approximate sunrise/sunset times each day which was super helpful when I stayed up all night with my friends to see the sunrise the day we moved out.
This is the primary app I use when I’m editing pictures to post on Instagram. It’s super easy to use and there are plenty of fun filters and frames including polaroid (for an extra $0.99, but it’s so worth it!)
It’s exactly what it sounds like! There are a ton of fun backgrounds and colors to choose from and a decent number of fonts to pick from as well.
What are your current favorite apps?