Sleep Tight ☽ Playlist

I shared my morning playlist just last week and since then I’ve been asked by a few readers if I have a playlist for when I’m getting ready for bed. In fact, I do! I actually have multiple playlists that I listen to in the evening when I’m trying to wind down after a long day and need some calm music to help me relax. I have one playlist that is all acoustic versions of songs, one which is made of soundtracks from various movies, another which includes only instrumental music, and my “calm ambiance” playlist which is filled with songs that make me feel calm and relaxed. I have SO many different playlists on Spotify, all of which I use to help create certain moods for myself. I combined my favorite tracks from all of my calm playlists to create “Sleep Tight ☽” the ultimate chill playlist for nighttime and when you’re getting ready for bed. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do!