Rising Sophomore

I can’t believe it, I really can’t.
Freshman year has flown by in the blink of an eye, and it’s officially over. I took my last final as a freshman yesterday and my roommate, Ola, and I move out of our dorm this evening. Even as I type this post, surrounded by packed suitcases and my now-bare walls, it’s crazy to believe we’re leaving this room which we’ve called home for the last few months… in just a few hours.
This year has been filled with so many different emotions. It’s been such a blast, but it’s also been a big adjustment for me. Living away from my parents and managing my own schedule, what I eat, how I spend my time, and how I maintain my living space has truly been a huge change for me. I was so used to relying on my parents for almost everything. Since coming to college, I’ve gotten way better with managing my own money, cleaning up after myself regularly, doing laundry (and teaching others how to do laundry), managing my time, and figuring out what food I can piece together from the dining hall to create a somewhat nutritious meal that also tastes decent.
So many wonderful things have happened this year.
~ I lived with someone who I hardly knew before move-in and we have become super close friends. Ola and I will be living together again next year with another one of our friends.
~ I found a group of amazing girls who I am now lucky to call my sisters. Joining Chi Omega was one of the best decisions I made this year and I’ve never regretted it for even a second.

~ I’ve been able to be a source of support for others when they need someone to lean on.

~ I explored and got to know my favorite city even better, and I got to do it my way.
~ I’ve met so many unique friends who help me to grow as a person, strive to be my best possible self, and become exactly who I want to be.
One thing I absolutely must say is a massive thank you to everyone I have met this year.
Wether we’ve become good friends or I simply have met you at some point in passing, thank you! I believe that every single person I met this year has had an impact on how wonderfully my year went. I am so very blessed to have met so many absolutely fantastic, kind, and talented people during my first year of college. I know that not everyone feels this way after their freshman year and that I am extremely lucky to be in this position.
It’s hard to leave, but it’s so much easier because I know I’ll be coming back.


  • Congratulations on having completed your freshman year 🙂 I have to agree about it all going so quickly, I feel like it was only yesterday it was move-in weekend.

    Rebecca Elizabeth

  • Congrats on finishing up your freshmen year! It sounds like it was awesome!