My Colorful Freshman Dorm

I promised that I’d share pictures of my freshman dorm with all of you after I had moved out for the year. I have been soooooo busy these last few weeks, but yesterday I finally had time to go through the tons of pictures I took of my dorm. All year I was consistently asked how I had transformed my basic and industrial dorm room into such a warm and fun environment. My roommate and I added tons of personal touches to the room including photos, personalized crafts, and mementos from home. I absolutely love how it turned out and it was the perfect place to live throughout the year. Some of my favorite parts of my side of the room were my Lilly print duvet, the necklace wall, my desk, and the corner walls covered in my bows and various frames. I loved how bright and colorful the room was, it made the space so much more inviting and homey! The twinkle lights were also a great addition to the room. Quite often my roommate and I would only use those when we were hanging out in the room or doing homework in the evening. We’ll definitely be using them again this year and I’m super excited to plan (and create) the decor for this year’s room!
I know that some of my readers are just starting college this fall and are in the process of planning their dorm decor, purchasing bedding, and whatnot. If you have any questions as to where I got anything feel free to send me an email, megan (at) bowtifullife (dot) com, or ask me on Tumblr. 🙂
  • I love your dorm room, I wish I decorated mine as nice as you did! I just finished my freshman year of college as well 🙂

  • Your dorm was so cute, I wish I had put that much effort into my the past 2 years but I'm definately going to this year.

  • Wow! Your dorm is adorable! It almost makes me a teensy bit sad about moving to an apartment in the fall :/

    I never would have thought to hang a mirror like that to create a vanity.

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  • It's so cute! I love all the colors. And I'm jealous of your desk – mine only has one shelf. I wish it had two like yours!

    Constance || Prep Northwest