Moving On Out

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I am so happy that finals week is over and that I’ve been able to sleep in my bed at home these last few nights. I forgot how good it feels to sleep in! It’s been wonderful to just de-stress these last few days.
I’m officially all moved out of my dorm as of Tuesday evening and mostly all unpacked at home as of yesterday morning. (There’s still a box or two to go through and organize.) Move out was crazy. My roommate and I decided to stay up for our last 24 hours on campus and we were able to watch the sunrise over Lake Michigan with our friend Pat and our future roommate, Carla. It was bittersweet to pack up all the personal touches that had made our room feel like home all year, and it was weird to say goodbye to our floor-mates and RA, but I’m finally feeling ready for summer. Thank goodness that the weather is starting to warm up!
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 Bye Mertz 717, it’s been great.
~ What I Wore ~
zip-up – Lilly Pulitzer;   bow – Bows Arts;   jeans – Jolt (similar);   shoes – Converse All Star;   monogram – Etsy
  • Sounds like the perfect last day to spend in your dorm. Love all of these pictures. Absolutely gorgeous. Yay for summer! Can't wait to hear all about the next chapter of your life.

  • I love your sweatshirt!