Fresh & Clean

It’s been about 48 hours since the mini makeover I gave Bowtiful Life went live and I have to ask… What do y’all think? Personally, I’m a huge fan of the cleaner look with the white background. I also switched up the color scheme just a smidge and added/changed a few things in the sidebar. Check out the ongoing Instagram slideshow! Cool, huh? 🙂
(If you’re having trouble remembering what it looked like before, here it is)

While I was working on the coding for various things I realized just how much technical stuff I’ve learned about websites in the last few years through trial and error. I’m 100% self-taught when it comes to html coding. Whether it’s click-through links or images, color codes, website templates, etc. I’ve learned how to do it all on my own. I must admit that Google is one of the very BEST things to have at your disposal when you’re trying to design a website. Their search engine basically acts for me as an endless supply of answers to questions that would be included in the book “Blog Design & Formatting for Dummies,” that is, if such a book existed.
 Bowtiful Life has certainly come a long way in regard to design and layout from when it began over two years ago. When I first started I was using a boring, plain-jane, default template without any customization whatsoever. 
I must say, I love how it’s looking now!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday 🙂
  • I love your fresh new design! Like you, I used to have a patterned background, but when I switched to an all white blog with colorful touches, I thought it looked so much more put together!

  • mQs

    Love the new look! How did you make your header?


  • Looks great Megan! I love a more minimalist, clean look! Happy blogging 🙂

  • your site looks so pretty!