Wisdom Wednesday: First Things First

Finals are approaching at warp speed (next week, AHH!) and I have a multitude of color-coded to-do lists in my planner and on my laptop. To say that I’m going to stretched a bit thin in these next two weeks would be quite the understatement. There is SO much going on and prioritizing has been especially difficult, because everything is important in its own way. However, focusing on academics and maintaining good health are always top priorities.
While scrolling through Pinterest yesterday evening I came across a quote I had pinned a while ago and it seemed especially relevant with just how busy everyone gets at this time of the year. 
To be as successful as possible you have to prioritize and put first things first. By doing things in order of importance you will always have time for the most important things on your list.
One thing that I always have to remind myself at these times is that before you can be of help to anyone else, you have to take care of yourself! You won’t be anywhere near as useful in helping others if you aren’t feeling 100% yourself, both mentally and physically. Selfish as it may sound, there are most definitely occasions on which you absolutely have to put “you first.” 
For example, as much as I want to hang out with every single one of my friends before we leave school for summer, or spend a weekend downtown, or go walk on the beach every day, etc, etc I can’t do all of these things. I’ve made a point of carving out time for fun things, but I’m planning to really focus on the upcoming finals and end-of-semester assignments I have on my plate. I’m putting me and my grades first, because it’s what I have to do to be successful.
It’s times like these in which getting sufficient sleep and eating healthy are especially important to be at the top of your game. So, give yourself permission to put yourself first at some point this week or next week and it will probably end up helping you in the long run!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
{disclaimer: quote source: Pinterest   base picture: Pinterest}
  • You are so right, we need to remember to prioritize and keep our health first – you can stay up all night getting things done, but the work will be poor and you will only crash the next day. Good luck getting through finals!
    Chic on the Cheap