Tell ‘Em That It’s My Birthday

Guess what today is…
I honestly can’t believe that today is the start of my last year classified as a “teenager.”
Now, to contrast that, here’s a #TBT from back in the day…

circa age four
Eighteen was an absolutely amazing year for me. I went to prom, graduated from high school, got my first real summer job (besides babysitting), met yet another blogger friend, went to a few concerts (1, 2, 3), started college, joined a sorority, got a big/became a littlehelped fundraise for Make-a-Wish, visited the Pacific Northwestgot initiated into my sorority, and so much more. I’ve had a blast!

I’m actually getting to the place where I’m starting to feel slightly old… I know. weird.
Some of the kids I babysit for have never seen or even heard of movies that were a staple part of my childhood, such as Lilo and Stitch.

Can you believe that ten years ago: 1. Myspace was only a year old. 2. Britney Spears debuted her song “Toxic.” 3. 2004 was the last time a new Friends episode came out.
Just think about that…

I don’t know if nineteen is going to feel any different from eighteen, but I’m certainly excited to see what it has in store for me!

Cheers to the first day of my final teenage year!

(post title inspired by Selena Gomez’s song Birthday)
  • Happy birthday! Nineteen was a fabulous year for me! I moved from my small Southern town to NYC to act in a theater group, and I had an absolute blast. It was the year where I really went from legally being a grown up to (sort of) really being a grown up. I felt like I really took control of my own life, and the whole world was open for exploration. I hope you have a wonderful year too, and I hope you get in *just* the right amount of trouble 🙂

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  • All of those 2004 flashbacks just made me feel so old! That throwback picture of you is absolutely adorable. Happy belated birthday! I hope you spent the weekend celebrating!

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