New Site Feature: Blog Reads

Yesterday I added a fun new feature to Bowtiful Life, a Blog Reads page!
Some of you who’ve never heard of a “blog reads page” may be wondering…. “what the heck is that?
Here’s your answer: Bowtiful Life’s new blog reads page is a list of various blogs I’ve compiled which I enjoy following and finding inspiration in.
“Being a blogger, I see inspiration for posts almost everywhere.
I find inspiration in magazines, I’m inspired by the people I’m surrounded by downtown, my friends inspire me, various songs on the radio inspire me, the colors that come with the changing of seasons inspire me, etcetera, etc. So many different things in life give me inspiration. One priceless source that I can always turn to is the work, thoughts, and talents of others. That being said, I absolutely LOVE reading (or in the case of video bloggers, watching) what fellow bloggers have shared.”
Click HERE to check out the the list!
Enjoy all of these fabulous blogs! I’ll be adding to the list over time, so be sure to keep checking back for new blogs.