Fashion By Mayhem

I’m a little late in regard to blogging about this Instagram account, but I decided I still had to because it is absolutely precious! @2sisters_angie is an Instagram account run by a mom, Angie, who creates dresses with her four year old daughter (Mayhem), out of paper and other materials on a daily basis. These dresses vary from crafty replicas of Oscars gowns to creative and colorful, original frocks made out of construction paper.
This little girl is ridiculously adorable and the style/quality of the dresses that they’re producing is not only visually impressive, but also so much fun! Definitely take a peek at their Instagram account! At the very least, I’m sure that it will bring a smile to your face today.
Happy Thursday!
(AKA it’s almost  Friday!)
  • Omg this is gorg! I'm totally doing this in like (fingers crossed) 10-15 years w/ my daughter!