Faith in Humanity

This week felt ridiculously long. However, I had a wonderful experience on Tuesday morning (after a very frustrating and upsetting discovery on Sunday night) which helped to renew my faith in humanity and reminded me to always have faith that good and honest people are all around.
Let me start from the beginning…
Last Sunday was a pretty packed day for me and I was not only on campus, but also off campus. That morning I put on one of my favorite bracelets, which I had received for my graduation last spring. I had a fantastic day, but when I got back to my dorm that night I realized that my pearl bracelet was nowhere to be found. It had fallen off at some point in the day and I got very upset because it’s obviously very important to me. I called every place that I had been that day, I retraced my steps multiple times, and I posted on various Facebook groups within my school.
I heard absolutely nothing on Monday and I had a bunch of friends who were on the lookout for the bracelet as well. On Tuesday morning I got a message from one of my Chi O sisters that someone had posted in a different Facebook group about finding a pearl bracelet on campus. I immediately messaged the girl and after describing the bow clasp and sending her a picture, she confirmed that she had found my bracelet! I honestly started jumping up and down when I found out that she had it, because I had started losing faith that it would ever be found or get returned to me. 
(Seriously though about the jumping up and down, just ask my roommate.)
We made plans to meet up the next day and by that following afternoon I had my bracelet back! I am so beyond grateful to this girl, who I had never met before, for picking it up and doing the right thing by trying to get it back to its owner as well as making sure it was getting back to the actual owner instead of just the first person who responded to her Facebook post.
This experience reminded me to not only to have faith in humanity and good karma, but also to be grateful for all of the great people that are around us. As hard as it may be to believe it, especially with so much negative news in the media, there are still so many wonderful and honest people out there. Needless to say, I met one of them this week. 
Always remember to have a little faith. You never know what could happen.