Friday Five

I haven’t done one of these Friday Five posts in what feels like forever! Here’s what has been going on during this crazy week…

1. Spring Semester ’14

 I am absolutely in love with my schedule and my classes this semester! I’m taking a lot of classes relating to my major, comm studies, and I’m downtown quite a bit. I was actually able to pop into a few of my favorite shops on Michigan Avenue this week after I was done with my classes for the day. I’m loving this city lifestyle!

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2. Initiation
I have initiation for my sorority, Chi Omega, next week! I am so excited!!!

3. Polar Vortex/Chiberia

It has been insanely cold in the past few weeks, as well as everything being very icy. When the temperatures dropped and the snow began to pile up, people in my area started calling this phenomenon “Snowmageddon” and “Chiberia” (Chicago mixed with Siberia). This week hasn’t been anywhere near as bad, but there is still snow and ice absolutely everywhere!
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4. “Piano” by Ariana Grande
I’ve been playing this song like crazy this week, it’s super catchy and upbeat. I love it!

5. Bowtiful Life is Turning Two
This Monday, January 20th, Bowtiful Life will officially be two years old! Be sure to check out the “blogiversary” post that I’ll be posting that day. Time has flown by!

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

  • Looks like you are living the life right now girl! Congrats on your blog turning 2, such a milestone!


  • your blog is so cute! now following!