My Resolutions for 2014 (& How I Plan to Keep Them)

Happy almost 2014 everyone! For me, every new year comes with new personal goals and lifestyle choices. New years resolutions are something that I’m usually relatively good at keeping, because I never set goals that would be impossible to achieve. This year, for 2014, I have three main resolutions, but one that I am particularly focusing on is…
I plan to take just a few minutes every night to sit down and keep track of what happened that day before I go to bed. I can either write out a full-fledged entry, a funny quote that someone may have said in passing, some lyrics from songs that I listened to that day, or even just a word. My goal is to have at least one thing recorded for each day of this year, all 365 of them. I feel like there has been so much that has happened in my first semester of college and I want to make sure that I can look back a few years from now and remember more of the fun things that happened at this time in my life. To encourage me to stick to my resolution I just purchased this super cute Kate Spade journal that says “Eat Cake for Breakfast” on the cover! I love that it’s pink and I think that the quote is so fun, spontaneous, and carefree! 
My other two goals are pretty basic and quite commonly seen as people’s new years resolutions. First of all, I want to try to work out at least twice a week. I can either go and work out at our gym on campus or just stretch and do abs and such in my dorm. It will all depend on what I’m up for that day in particular. Secondly, I want continue to eat healthier! By no means am I planning on dieting or depriving myself of all things sweet and sugary, but I want to make sure that when I do go to eat that I’m making healthier choices rather than just grabbing the first thing I see. Lucky for me, I’m a huge fan of salads and we have a decent salad bar at my school. I’m a bit of a bunny rabbit when it comes to salads and veggies, I love them! 
I am really looking forward to 2014 and all it has to offer. I’m super excited for the classes that I have scheduled for this semester (which will focus more on my major), getting initiated into Chi Omega in mid-January, my birthday coming up in April, and the many other fun things to come!
Bring it on 2014, I’m ready!
  • There are so many things that I want to accomplish in 2014! This year instead of making resolutions, I think that I want to make a bucket list.

    I love that you want to start journaling. That Kate Spade journal is just so perfect! Good Luck!


  • I love your idea to make sure you journal every day. I always start out journaling and then it ends up being more of a burden than a blessing. I think I'm going to try to do what you said – just have some type of written recording of each day. Happy new year and thanks for sharing!

  • Alyssa Dillon

    Sounds like such an awesome way to make sure you can accomplish your goals! I absolutely love both the idea and that cute journal.

    I am also trying to make sure I work out more!


  • Sugar Snap Pearls

    love that journal, i have that quote on a kate spade plate set that i got in the nordstrom anniversary sale over the summer. so glad i found your blog!

    xo. erin