“Icy Light” Bowtiful Wallpaper

This month’s screensaver was inspired by the super chilly weather that the Midwest has been experiencing recently. There’s been quite a lot of ice and snow within the month of December, hence the cool and icy blue tones. Also, as some of you know, Oscar Wilde is the author of many of my favorite quotes, so I thought I’d put this quote in for just a little bit of extra inspiration whenever you turn on your computer.
How to set up your new background
1. right click on the image. / 2. select “open in new tab” (or window) / 3. right click the image again. / 4. save the image to your computer and then set it as your background / 5. include the specification “stretch to fill screen” so you can see the whole thing and have no gapping issues.
If you do decide to set this as your background, be sure to take a picture of your computer & new background and tag @BowtifulLife on Instagram so I can see it!
Hope you all enjoy the last few days of December and 2013!