Wisdom Wednesday: Positive, Patient, & Persistent

As you can tell from my most recent posts and activity on social media, I have been pretty darn busy in the last few weeks! This past week in particular was super stressful and somewhat rough, school-wise and beyond. After getting through the stress of the week, I’ve come to realize that I really expect quite a bit from myself… even more so than I previously thought. I strive to get the best grades I can, be as social and friendly as possible, be there for anyone who needs me, and get all out of life that I possibly can.

These goals may not sound problematic, and to a certain extent they definitely aren’t. However, when you don’t give yourself a chance to slow down and breathe for a second, these expectations may surround you like walls that will just keep moving in until you feel so overwhelmed that you find yourself majorly stressing out.

One day last week I was scrolling through my Pinterest, trying to get my mind off of a few things, and I ran into this quote that I pinned a while ago. In all honesty, at the time I pinned this quote it was probably just because I thought the alliteration was cute, but since then I’ve come to realize that this is truly a good way to go through life. This list of three words helps to outline how to have a healthy outlook on life in general or in a specific situation.

via Pinterest

Be Positive
Don’t let yourself be negative! Do your best to have a positive and happy outlook on life. Be the optimist that sees the glass as half full instead of half empty and make an effort to give people the benefit of the doubt rather than just assuming the worst. Positivity and happiness is contagious!

Be Patient
Give yourself a break. If you aren’t at the place that you want to be in life then don’t stress. If you’re meant to be there, then you will get there eventually. Don’t beat yourself up for not reaching every single goal you set, and don’t give yourself unattainable expectations. You’ll just be setting yourself up to fail and you’ll get upset with the situation you find yourself in. Set reasonable goals and give yourself the chance to reach them.

Be Persistent
Don’t give up! If you really want something, then go after it! Do you want to get a good grade on that test you have coming up? Study for it in advance. Maybe you want to buy something that’s more costly? Find yourself some sort of job and start saving your money. Or maybe you want to go out and have a fun weekend with your friends? Manage your time during the week so you have that free time once the weekend rolls around. You can do almost anything you put your mind to as long as you set yourself up for success rather than failure. Put in the effort!

Last week took a lot out of me, but I’m very lucky to know that I have so many supportive people in my life both on campus and back home. Thus far, this week has been much better. I’m still pretty busy, but I have a better handle on everything going on and how I want to approach everything. Fingers crossed that this week will be much better than the last.

Hope everyone else has a great week as well!