Sweet & Southern

Since coming to college I’ve been asked one somewhat surprising question quite a few times. That question being either: “Are you from the South?” Or “What part of the South are you from?” There have been people from the Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, and even the South itself who’ve asked me this at some point. I was chatting with one of my friends about it one day in the dining hall and a random guy overheard our conversation and commented that he could hear it in the way I spoke. This encounter made me wonder what the other reasons might be, so I chatted with a different friend and she and I came up with a list of a few things that may be leading to the question.
Regardless of why people seem to get the impression that I’m from the South, I think it’s pretty cool. I absolutely love being from the Midwest, but there’s something so fun and classy about the South.
These are just a few reasons as to why people may get the impression I am southern….

1. How I dress:

“Fresh & Floral”

I make at least somewhat of an effort in how I dress each day and I have a very preppy style which usually features lots of color or at least a pop of color, especially in the spring and summer.

2. Monograms:

“Plaid in The Park”

It’s pretty obvious that I’m a monogramaholic, so there’s that.

monograms on monograms on monograms

3. My undying love for country music:

via Pinterest

I’m kind of obsessed with country music. Although my roommate can’t stand it, I’m constantly playing it (with earphones in, of course) in our dorm. My favorites are probably Hunter Hayes, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, Zac Brown Band, and Luke Bryan.

4. The way I speak:

via Pinterest

I use to terms “darling” or “sweetheart” quite a bit, it’s just the way I talk. Apparently the way in which I articulate things very clearly (according to a girl I met from North Carolina) also adds to this factor.

5. Sweet Tea:

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In one of our dining halls we have a Gold Peak tea machine which I’m constantly using. About half of the time they’re out of the sweet tea and I have to get raspberry instead, but I get the sweet tea whenever I possibly can.

6. Lilly Pulitzer:

“National Wear Your Lilly Day ’13”

So. Much. Lilly. It’s everywhere around me! My planner, bedding, favorite dresses, bows, scarves, stationary, you name it. I am a huge Lilly fan, but I refuse to pay full price for the most part, because it is just too expensive! However, it’s most definitely worth buying at a discount or for special occasions. Lilly’s cheery patterns and colors always makes the cloudy days a little bit brighter.

8. Pearls
“Spirit Week”
Enough said.
9. Bows:
“A Family Affair”
My blog is obviously called Bowtiful Life and I’m kind of (really) addicted to bows. I wear one pretty much every day and if I’m not my friends tend to ask me “Where’s your bow?!?” It’s a signature item in my wardrobe and I have quite a few of them. A bow is the perfect final touch to an outfit!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
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