Pre-Big/Little Week

As I’ve discussed in a few past posts, I’m a new member in a fabulous sorority, Chi Omega. This week is a HUGE deal because it’s Big/Little week! I get to find out this coming Friday who my Big is and I am so beyond excited! All of the potential Bigs are absolutely amazing and they were all told yesterday who their Littles are. The fact that my Big knows I’m her Little already is so crazy and exciting, I can’t wait to find out who she is and I can’t believe that I’m a Little!
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 Starting tonight, the Bigs leave us little surprises that we get to go and pick up at a specific spot on campus at a specific time from Monday through Thursday. Each day is a new surprise and on Friday we have the big Reveal where everyone finds out which Big belongs to each Little. I can’t wait!!!
  • SHF

    That's so exciting! Big and Little week is seriously the best week ever. Enjoy every minute!


  • Thanks, I will!

  • Amy

    I've so wish that UK Universities had sororities! I'm insanely jealous of this, it all sound so adorable and so so exciting!!

    xo Amy | British Prep

  • GOOD LUCK! I love Big/Little week! My sorority (which I advise) found out the matches Saturday night but the littles have until after fall break (Oct 26th) until reveal!

  • I didn't know that UK universities didn't have sororities! You learn something new every day.

  • Thank you so much! I'm so glad I only have to wait till Friday! Good luck to your chapter for your Big/Little week!

  • that's so cute, hope it's a great week for you!