Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

I hope that you all are having an absolutely fabulous Halloween filled with plenty of sweet treats and fun times. I know I’ll be spending my time with friends dressing up and probably eating quite a lot of candy. My personal favorites are reeses pieces, twizzlers, peanut butter m&ms, hot tamales, and laffy taffy. What are your favorite kinds of candy?

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  1. Angi Solle says:

    Your pumpkin is super cute-I love that everyone is doing different things this year rather than just carving them! I am trying to stay away from the Halloween candy this year and pass it out instead! Have fun dressing up!


  2. Angi Solle says:

    PS just started following you on GFC and bloglovin' can't wait to see what you post next 🙂

  3. mQs says:

    Love all the sparkles!


  4. Megan says:

    Love that pumpkin! I ate lots of nerds last night when handing out candy! hehe

    xo Megan, LushtoBlush.com

  5. Areeba says:

    Happy Halloween! I just twizzlers, snickers & m&ms! We just gave away loads of twizzlers yesterday!!

  6. That pumpkin is so pretty! I love me some ombre 😉 My favorite candy is probably Kit Kats!


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