Big/Little Week

My sorority had Big/Little reveal this past Friday! The way that Chi Omega at my school goes about the whole process of Big/Little week is by doing daily secret gifts for the Littles and then the Bigs get revealed at the end. My Big spoiled me! Every night I went to the designated room to pick up my gift and was so surprised by what was left for me (and my TWIN!) Yep, I’m a twin! My twin, Fiona, and I got lots of sweets, cute crafts, and adorable owls from our Big, Lucy.
Day 1 via Instagram
Day 2 via Instagram
Day 3 via Instagram
Day 4 via Instagram
family bracelets on reveal night via Instagram 
Not only do I have a twin, but my Big also has a twin and she has twins!! The Saturday after reveal we all had a ChiO family brunch together! Unfortunately my Great-Great Grand Big and one of my cousins couldn’t make it, but we still had a great time eating quiche, fruit salad, turkey bacon, and pancakes. I absolutely LOVE my Chi O family!
family tree (minus one of my cousins and Great-Great-Grand Big)
my fabulous Big and Twin
I’m certainly a happy Little!
  • Awww! It looks like a great Big/Little week! My chapter that I advise/am an alum of has B/L this week and I can't wait to officially call a girl my great-great-grandlittle!