Taylor Swift Red Tour ’13

This weekend I went to see Taylor Swift on her Red Tour at Soldier Field with my friend Rose. Oh. my. gosh. The show was absolutely amazing! Chicago was the last stadium performance on her world tour and it was sold out with 50,000 people in attendance. That being said, we actually ended up in the same section as four other people I knew; what a coincidence! One of the coolest moments before Taylor even started singing was when the entire stadium did the wave together. It went around the whole stadium about four times in a row and all of us (all fifty thousand) were pretty into it. The openers for the tour were Casey James, Austin Mahone, and Ed Sheeran. I loved seeing Ed perform! He’s one of my all time favorite artists and it was such a huge treat to get to see him live. During his set, he combined his song “UNI” with “Thrift Shop” which was really fun and he also played his more well known song, “A Team.”

As for the location and our seats, the skyline in the background was lit in red lights which was super cool. Taylor Swift coming to Chicago was a pretty big deal and there was an insane amount of traffic there (and especially back). Our seats were simply perfect! We could see everything that was going on the main stage and we were relatively close to the B stage which was where she played “Fearless” and she and Ed sang “Everything Has Changed” together. Thanks to the lense on my camera I was able to get some great pictures throughout the entire show.

Rose and I both had an absolutely marvelous time! We’re big fans of Taylor’s music so we sang along to pretty much every song (along with most of the audience). I think that my favorite songs live were probably “Holy Ground,” “Fearless,” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Taylor’s performance was amazing and her voice was just as good, if not better, live as it is on her albums. It was certainly a night I’ll never forget!

~What I Wore~
top – Old Navy (old);   shorts – Union Bay;   red lipstick (which I think is basically mandatory for any Taylor Swift event) – MAC “Ladybug”;   necklace – Personalized from Me to You;   watch – Skagen;   shoes (not shown) – Converse

all the lights in the audience during “Everything Has Changed”
“The Lucky One”
“Everything Has Changed”
“Love Story”
“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

The show was absolutely spectacular and it was such a treat to see both Taylor and Ed live!

Have you been to any concerts recently?

  • I went to that concert a couple of weeks ago! It was AMAZING!!