Lilly Endless Summer Sale

Yesterday morning was extremely stressful. Why? Lilly Pulitzer’s Endless Summer Sale, of course! Per usual, the site was crashing from the very beginning of the sale (8am EST) due to the crazy amount of traffic from Lilly lovers and re-sellers alike. By now you think our friends at the Pink Palace would have “gotten their shift together” and know that they would need more tech support and a better web server for these events. But no. Just like last year, for the first few hours of the sale you would be browsing through the site and then all of a sudden you would get a screen looking like this:
UGH. It was beyond frustrating. Eventually, Lilly chose the shut down the site so they could recuperate and attempt to fix the servers. I got up at 7am CST when the sale started and I wasn’t able to get my order to go through till 11am CST. That’s just crazy. My friends and I were all texting and tweeting each other as the site was in flux of temporarily working and then crashing again and again. Those various conversations went something like this: Friend 1: “It’s working!!!” (3 minutes later) “Never mind…. I spoke too soon. :(” Friend 2: “I’m ready to cry, this is so frustrating!” Friend 3: “This makes me want to go eat chocolate.” Friend 4: “OH SHIFT. -_-“
People were annoyed to say the least.
Luckily, I had the items I wanted in my shopping cart already when the server went back up and I got everything I had planned to purchase. I got a Cassie dress (finally), a new murfee scarf, and the long sleeved Amanda top that I really wanted from last year’s winter collection. YAY! I’ve been looking forward to this sale all year, because I pretty much refuse to pay full price for Lilly since it’s so expensive. This sale is the best time to get anything from them at a markdown since for some reason they don’t have a regular sale section year round like every other brand. As long as you’re willing to deal with plenty of “technical difficulties” and constantly refresh the page you’re trying to view, then you’ll be just fine.

The sale does go on for two more days, so if you haven’t taken a peek yet, they still have some pretty good stuff. I’m done shopping the sale and I must admit that I feel quite victorious with my purchases and proud of myself for not going overboard.
Have you shopped the Endless Summer Sale yet?
  • I got that same murfee at the Warehouse Sale in June. You'll love it! The colors are so cheery and perfect! I was shopping the ESS from my phone while driving back to school (don't worry! My mom was behind the wheel!) I picked up a Delia dress and "Santa" picked up a few things too 🙂