Friday Five

The weather here has been ridiculous. As I mentioned in my Fall in July post, the weather seems to be quite confused. The average temperature has been in the high sixties- mid seventies in the past week and it feels as though fall has come early. It’s still summer…. can we please have it feel like summer?


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I got new glasses! Most of you were probably unaware that I have glasses, but that’s because I wear my contacts all the time. It was time for my yearly eye exam and also time to switch up my glasses, so I got these tortoiseshell Tiffany & Co. frames with bows on the side. Aren’t they just adorable?


I have a new social media picture! All of my official blog-related accounts (pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.) now have this picture as the profile picture.



I’m going to see Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran tomorrow! My friend Rose and I got tickets for Taylor’s Red tour and I am so beyond excited!!!

I move into my res hall in less than two weeks! I’m starting to figure out what I’m going to pack as well as what I need to pick up from the store before move in day. So much to do, so little time!


  • SHF

    I love your new glasse! The bow detail is adorable.i hope you have a great time at T. Swift – I saw her in concerts couple months ago and it was AMAZING!