C.Wonder recently re-did their entire website and I was browsing through it earlier this week. I’ve come to realize that C.Wonder really reminds me a lot of a mix of J.Crew and Kate Spade (jewelry wise).
There’s a lot of really cute stuff on their site and these are just a few of my favorite things from them.
Bling Stud Earrings

These remind me a little bit of Kate Spade’s small square studs, but they’re almost identical to the gumdrop studs they used to sell. I have the original gumdrop ones in dark pink!

Pierced Ginger Jars

These are so pretty! I think they’d look perfect sitting next to a clear, glass vase of pink peonies.

Wishbone Studs
A delicate pair of earrings, make a wish!
Elephant Charm Bracelet
I have no words, this is just perfection.
Starfish Stud Enamel Earrings
I think everyone should have a pair of starfish studs. Can you say Aquamarine?
Love Knot Bangle
This bangle is the perfect classy and oh so nautical touch to any outfit.
What’s your favorite thing from C.Wonder?