College Life: Move In Day!

 The big day has arrived…
it’s move in day!
I officially move into my residence hall this afternoon with my fabulous roommate and friend, Ola. I can’t believe that today is finally here! I have been packing all week and making trips to the store for random bits and pieces that I’ve realized I needed. At this point I feel pretty prepared, but I’m sure that once I’m settled in I’ll realize that I need to pick up a few things. I’ve lived in the same house for almost all of my life, so this is my first time moving and it’s quite an odd experience for me. It feels so strange packing up parts of my room and knowing that I won’t be sleeping in the same bed that I’ve grown so used to. It’s also so hard to imagine that I won’t be with my family, but I’m really looking forward to making lots of new friends on campus this year!
Please bear with me if posts are not as frequent for the next few weeks as I am adjusting to my new college lifestyle. I do have some posts scheduled already, so don’t worry, the blog won’t be lacking too much. I’m so excited to start this new chapter in my life and I look forward to continuing to blog and share my adventures and new experiences with all of you! As they say in the movie Up, “adventure is out there!”
Talk to you soon!
  • Have an amazing time! Enjoy everything orientation has to offer and take advantage of all of the great opportunities at school! (I'm an orientation leader, so I feel obligated to give you the same little motivating speech I'll give to my nuggets on Saturday!) Anddd I hope you didn't forget to pack shower shoes! (Yeah…I did….Two cars and a storage unit full of stuff and I forgot shower shoes. Go me!)

  • Anonymous

    I'm moving in today too! I'll be a sophomore, but I know exactly how you feel about moving. I have never done it before either. Good luck! I'm sure you're going to be great and do awesome things while in college!