The New Smart Girl: Relaunching SGG!

Being part of The Smart Girls Group sisterhood, I am so excited to announce to all of you today that The Smart Girls Group is relaunching this fall!!! Another fun bit of news is that I’m going to be one of the girls who is featured! A few of my wonderful SGG sisters and I will be the faces of #TheNewSmartGirl campaign and the promotion of our relaunch. My wonderful blogger friend and SGG sister, Eleanor, created the new profile graphics that will be featured, including mine (above)!
Now, you may ask, why is The Smart Girls Group relaunching? Well, we were extremely fortunate to win a generous grant from Kenneth Cole a few months ago and we are using the grant to upgrade SGG to a whole new level.
We are officially relaunching The Smart Girls Group on
September 1st, 2013!
The new and improved Smart Girls Group is going to be even more fabulous than before and I’m so excited to be a part of it! Be sure to check out to learn more about this amazing sisterhood and more. Also, be sure to follow SGG on all of our social media networks to stay updated on the relaunch!
Be Smart, Share Smarts!