That Little Thing Called Doubt

I found this picture while browsing through Pinterest a while ago and since then it has come to be a great personal motivator for me. So, I thought I would share it with you all as well as talk you through what I do when I’m doubting myself in a situation or having a rough day.
 I may not always be the most outgoing person in the room, but I have really big dreams and important goals that I want to achieve in my life. You may ask, how does being outgoing relate to your dreams and goals? Here’s how: If you have some sort of goal or dream, then you must be willing to put yourself out there in the situation and say “here I am!” If you’re not willing to do that, then you may never achieve your goal (especially in the world of social media). If you don’t make any effort to stand out, then you will just blend in with everyone else.
I do my best to avoid doubting myself and in general I’m pretty good at believing in myself and what I can accomplish. However, this doesn’t always come easy! Like everyone else, I definitely have my doubtful & low self-esteem days! I have come to the point within the last year or so, where I go through a series of reflective questions when I’m having one of these days. I think that this process can apply to and help others besides myself, so I thought I’d share the questions with all of you.
Hopefully this set of questions will help you motivate yourself and set a game plan if you’re having a difficult day or facing a tough situation in the future!
How do you deal with personal doubt or tough self-esteem days?