Social Media Sunday: Five Gentlemen to Follow on Instagram

Two Sundays ago I published my first ever Social Media Sunday post which featured five ladies I think everyone should follow on Instagram. In a similar manner, today’s post also has to do with Instagram, but instead I’ve listed five gentlemen I think you should go follow! I love the pictures that come from these accounts and you should go check them all out.
So, without further ado, here they are!


F. E. Castleberry is a fashion photographer and the man behind the blog Unabashedly Prep. He puts up shots from daily life that all have great composition, if I do say so myself.


Finn is a British YouTuber along with his identical twin, Jack, on the channel JacksGap. He puts up fun and funny pictures featuring himself, his brother, and fellow YouTubers. 
Kiel is the mastermind behind the brand Kiel James Patrick. They sell classic rope bracelets, bags, belts and more. I absolutely love all the lifestyle shots he uploads to Instagram, they make me want to go visit the East Coast!


Jamison is an absolutely fabulous artist. Every now and then he’ll upload some of his sketches in addition to his lifestyle photos which are primarily taken in or by the water.

PKP is an anon (anonymous) account that posts the most quintessential preppy pictures. PKP also has a fabulous tee shirt line, The Proper Life!

You should go follow all of them!
Who are your favorite guys to follow on Instagram?

  • I love KJP, SarahKJP, & SadieZucchi instagrams for their fashion & lifestyle pictures. I also love following One Preppy Cookie on instagram because her cookie designs ARE SO CUTE & fun to see when they pop up on my feed. 🙂
    Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate