Monogrammed Tray Giveaway

I’ve been looking for the perfect display tray for a while and I’m absolutely in love with this acrylic, monogrammed one from Personalized from Me to You! This tray is perfect for on a bedside table, next to the front door, or on a desk. I currently have mine sitting on my nightstand.
There are so many different ways to use one of these trays & these are just a few of them:
perfume display tray
jewelry holder
throw-all tray

{anything you need to grab on your way out the door}

makeup tray
nail polish holder
I’ve been loving using my tray and I think that I’m probably going to use it most often as a throw-all for when I’m rushing out the door. Now I won’t forget anything I’m going to need (such as my keys)!
I’m happy to announce that I have a surprise for all of you lovely readers…
You can win one of these trays too!
The winner will receive  one monogrammed tray personalized with their monogram in the color and font of their choice.
Good luck!