How I Organize My Lilly Agenda

It’s no secret that I like being organized. One thing that naturally comes along with this desire for order is my tendency to keep a detailed calendar planning out my life and keeping track of upcoming events. In the past, I have been asked how I keep my calendar organized, so here it is!
last year’s agenda via Instagram
Last year I purchased a planner from Lilly Pulitzer for the first time which I have absolutely loved! I got the large option in You Gotta Regatta (above) and I’m just finishing the last few pages of July before I switch over to my new 2013-2014 agenda in True Navy Tiger Lilly. This year I picked the large agenda, once again, and I slightly modified it by adding my monogram with a decal from PinkyDotGifts on Etsy. I love how it’s so much more personalized now!
The key to organization in my planner is a specialized color code! I switched the colors around from last year and I made a fun bow themed color key instead of using basic squares or dots to indicate each color. I have a total of seven categories which cover the various things I tend to keep in my calendar.
blog related – This color helps me keep track of which posts are scheduled for each day and when they go up
health – this is for keeping track of doctor’s appointments and such
exercise – this is how I keep track of when I work out and how much time I spend exercising each time
birthdays/events – I like to remember of friends’ birthdays so I don’t forget to send them a happy birthday text on their special day. I also keep track of important events and parties in this color category.
school – I’m planning on using this category to write down my homework assignments as well as due dates for projects and exam dates.
work – I use this color for when I have babysitting jobs or have work on any given day
daily occurrences – This is the broadest of all the categories and I use this for when I’m going to be hanging out with friends or just taking little notes about things that happened that day
Do you use a planner or calendar?
  • I love how organized you are! What brand of pens are those?

  • Thank you so much! I can't believe I forgot to link those, thanks for pointing that out! I just added a link to the end of the post. They're Stabilo and I get mine from Dick Blick. 🙂

  • love it all! I'm about to buy those pens and a monogram decal for the front of my planner.

  • Love your planner and pens!!! I'm getting ready to buy my planner for August and I can't decide between the Lily and the Kate Spade! #decisions

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