Currently Loving: Infused Water

Recently it has been unbearably hot in the Chicago area, so I’ve been making an extra effort to stay hydrated at all times. My mom has been especially supportive of our whole family constantly drinking water because, obviously, no one wants to get dehydrated when it’s close to 100 degrees outside!
We’ve been using this pitcher from Bodum to make infused water to stay cool and encourage everyone to drink more water. Typically, it helps to let the pitcher sit for about two hours in the fridge before you have the water or else you can’t really taste anything different. My favorite kind that we’ve made so far had oranges, minneolas, and lime in it. Yum! I’m planning on trying to make some more fruity flavors soon. We also use this pitcher to add more lemon when we’re making iced tea, it’s so useful!
Have you ever tried making your own infused water?
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