Summer Solstice Supermoon

It’s the weekend of the supermoon! Now, you’re probably wondering what a supermoon is. According to National Geographic, a supermoon occurs during the time in which the moon is closest to earth and is in the fullest part of its cycle. This occurrence causes the moon to look eight percent larger and seventeen percent brighter than usual. In other words, it’s really beautiful.
I took trip to the beach with my family last night so we could check it out for ourselves. The moon was absolutely gorgeous! I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever seen it shining quite so brightly in my life and the reflection it made on the waves was simply breathtaking. The beach was especially crowded for the hour we were there, because a bunch of other people were also there to see the supermoon. Everyone was taking lots of pictures, my family included. We had a wonderful time and seeing the moon like this was such a fun and unusual experience.
~What I Wore~
shirt – ProperKidProblems on Etsy;   pants – J.Crew;   ring – J.Crew;   bow – Bows Arts;   necklace – Personalized from Me to You;   bracelet – J.Crew;   watch – Skagen
Have you seen the supermoon yet?