“Does Anyone Have a ….?”

I was inspired to write today’s post after reading one that Carly (The College Prepster) had put up on her blog a while ago. Her post outlined the contents of a small makeup bag that she fills with anything she might need, but may forget to put into her purse. 
Since reading that post, I have thought about what I would put into my version of Carly’s “Oh my gosh I need a ______” kit. After thinking about it and going through my purse, I’ve decided that I’m pretty prepared if I do say so myself! I tend to be that friend who always has Advil, a band-aid, bobby pins, a hair tie, etc. whenever someone needs one. 
So yes, at times my bag may somewhat resemble a black hole due to everything that I manage to fit inside it, but least I’m almost always prepared! This is what I carry in my “Does anyone have a ______?” kit. With this in my bag, I’m ready for (almost) anything!
~Backup Phone Battery~
With as involved in social media as I am, my battery never lasts farther than early afternoon. This is honestly such a lifesaver and I use it all the time.
I don’t know about you, but if I don’t eat for a long stretch of time and I get low blood sugar, then I can get kinda cranky… I avoid this problem by always carrying a single serving size of almonds or trail mix with me.
Pretty self-explanatory. I can’t stand it when my lips get dry and chapped, it’s just so uncomfortable.
~Band-Aid Anti-Friction Stick~
Let’s be real here. As girls, we wear our fair share of uncomfortable shoes. I personally hate getting blisters and this helps me out whenever I find myself stuck in a painful pair of shoes and on the verge of blisters. Works like a charm!
~Notepad & Pen~
In my opinion, it’s always a good idea to have a notepad with you. I am a huge list maker so my notepad if filled with to-do lists and shopping lists.
Yet again, relatively self-explanatory. Bye bye headache!
~Tide-to-Go Pen~
This saves me and my wardrobe any time I spill or make a mess on whatever I’m wearing. It works on all colors and it actually gets the stain all the way out! It even got red lipstick off of my friend’s white coat after it had been there for a week.
Self-explanatory. We’re all klutzes at some point and I’m just preparing myself for the inevitable.
~Wint O Green Lifesavers~
I prefer mints over gum and these are by far my favorite. Fun fact: if you chew them in the dark then you can see them spark! (And no, that’s not good for your teeth, but you’ve got to live a little every once in a while!)
~ Hair Ties ~
I love being in the car with the windows down, especially in the summer. So when the windows go down, then the hair goes up!
Who wants to discover three hours later that they had lettuce in their teeth leftover from lunch? Not this girl! A mirror is also quite helpful for any makeup touch-ups throughout the day.
~Extra Contacts~
Since I have daily wear contacts that I throw out each night, they tend to dry out a little faster. I always keep at least one spare pair with me.
I feel naked without earrings. Call me weird, but that’s just me! You can go to Forever 21 and get a pair of simple studs for less than $5, so I keep these in case I ever rush out of the house without putting earrings in.
For mini emergencies. AKA last minute coffee run, forgetting sunglasses, needing sunscreen, your flip flops break, etc. Anything could happen!
~Bobby Pins~
Perfect for holding back baby hairs or wispies on a windy day.
I certainly feel prepared!
What would you put into your kit?
  • Do you have an Android phone charger?
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  • Yes! I have a Samsung phone, but I got my android charger from Motorola.

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