Great Gatsby Movie Review (No Spoilers)

Those of you who follow me on Twitter are probably well aware that this past Saturday I went with a few friends to go see the newly-released Great Gatsby movie. I absolutely loved it! Ever since reading The Great Gatsby during my Honors American Lit class, in sophomore year, it has been my all-time favorite book. That being said, I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical that the movie would be able to fill the very big standards it had to live up to. After seeing the movie I would most definitely say that it was very well done and greatly exceeded my expectations!
I think that the casting was perfect. Leonardo DiCaprio was an amazing Gatsby and Carey Mulligan pulled off the character of Daisy just as I’ve always imagined her. I was also pretty happy with the casting of the other characters, but these two were my favorites by far. In my opinion, they were the most on-point portrayals of these characters as they are originally presented in the novel.
Another thing that I think I absolutely must comment on is the beautiful costuming. All I can say is wow! The dresses were absolutely breathtaking and the suiting for the men was simply dashing. For those of you who were not aware of this already, Brooks Brothers did the men’s costuming! They have a stunning Great Gatsby collection out right now which includes one of my favorite costumes from the movie, Gatsby’s pink linen suit.
As I mentioned briefly in my last post, I’ve also fallen in love with the soundtrack for this movie. It gave so many scenes the perfect ambiance and feel. This fabulously star-studded soundtrack has been on constant replay basically ever since I got it onto my iPod. The music accompanied the movie fantastically and still made a statement without overshadowing the movie itself. It was the perfect blend of the two.
I would very strongly suggest that you go see this movie if you haven’t already! I can honestly say that it has become one of my new favorite movies and I’ll be buying it as soon as it is released on DVD and/or iTunes. Go see it!!
Have you seen The Great Gatsby yet?