Friday Five

Today I take the very last final of my high school career! I have a total of 43 minutes of school to take this one last test. After that, my friend Bridget and I plan to clean out our lockers which are currently filled with four years worth of books, papers, etc.
In regard to “lasts,” tonight is the last time that I’ll be performing in my school’s annual spring dance show. I’ve been in the show all four years and I’ve been doing recitals at this theater since I was only three years old. This will probably be the last time I dance there which is crazy since I’ve grown so used to spending time there every May/June for rehearsals and performances.
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I’ve been working a lot on crafting for my dorm for next year! I just painted this frame last Friday which was inspired by Lilly Pulitzer’s “You Gotta Regatta” print. I’m really happy with how it turned out!
Today is also my last day in uniform!!! I have been wearing a school uniform for the last eight years, so I cannot wait to have some more freedom in the way I dress on a daily basis. With my interest and passion for fashion, I am so excited to be able to wear what I want each morning instead of just throwing on a polo and khakis five days a week.
My school’s Baccalaureate mass is this weekend! This will be one of the last senior events before graduation next weekend. I’m looking forward to singing in the choir with a bunch of my friends for one last time. It will definitely be bittersweet.
Have a wonderful weekend!