A Future in Photo Styling?

 As mentioned in my recent outfit of the day post, the first day of my spring break was very well spent! I styled a photo shoot for my dear friends Jess and Jennine! I worked hand-in-hand with our friend Ola, who was the photographer, to produce some stylish shots for an assignment Jess and Jennine had been given in their modeling class. I styled two outfits for each girl as well as doing their hair and makeup. For the outfits, we combined pieces that Jess and Jennine already owned with some things from my wardrobe as well as some cute, new accessories from Forever 21.

I probably looked so silly to passers-by as I helped direct posing and adjusted hair and outfits. Keep in mind that this all occurred while carrying my purse and massive Lilly tote packed with things we needed for the shoot. One of the “behind the scenes” shots father on in the post might give you a slight idea. Oh, the things we do for fashion!

Jennine Look #1

Jessica Look #1
a peek behind the scenes
Jennine Look #2
Jessica Look #2
I had such a blast working with these girls and I think that the shoot turned out wonderfully!
Who knows, maybe photo styling will be a career to consider in the future.
Happy April!
  • aHc

    Love it! Youb did a amazing job!!

    xoxo, aHc

  • So cute, Megan! You do a great job.