Why I Love My Hunter Boots

As of this week, it’s officially spring, even though here in Chicago it’s still freezing! With spring comes spring showers, umbrellas, mud, and rain boots. I absolutely love my Hunters and know I’ll be wearing them even more than usual in the next few months.

~Five Reasons I Love My Hunter Boots~
1. They’re great for both rain and snow. In the winter I like to slip in fleece inserts so my feet stay both warm and dry even during the craziest snow days.
2. They don’t get uncomfortably warm and they breathe remarkably well for rubber boots. I remember how annoying my rain boots were when I was little. They would always get too warm throughout the day after the rain was over and my feet would end up feeling like they were in an oven. Luckily, that’s not an issue for me anymore!
3. They’re a staple piece. I’ve had my pink Hunters for over a year now, and they’re still holding up wonderfully even though I wear them on a regular basis.
4. They’re pink! We all know I absolutely love pink, so that’s a pretty obvious reason.
5. They can make any basic outfit just a little more fun. You could wear a shirt and jeans with them or you can throw them with a plain sundress on any rainy day. They go with more than you would think, you just have to know how to style them.
Do you have Hunters? If so, how do you wear yours?
  • aHc

    Nice post!! Love the way you styled it with the navy skirt!!Check out my blog!


  • I love Hunter boots! I ordered my first pair a couple of weeks ago, and they should be here in a couple weeks 🙂


  • My Tights may be cool but my Wellingtons are red hot

    Ahh Megan I love Hunter Wellies too and wear them all the time whatever the weather and you always look so yummy when you've got your pink Wellies on and I love you to bits.