Friday Five

I finally caved and downloaded the new Mumford and Sons album, Babel. Let me say, it is just plain fabulous! My favorite songs on the album are probably “I Will Wait,” “Lover of the Light,” “Reminder,” & “Hopeless Wanderer.”
My graduation dress arrived last week from Lilly and I absolutely love it! I’m so excited to wear it in May, but at the same time it makes me realize just how fast this last bit of high school is flying by.
I have found myself loving a new (for me) Starbucks drink. I’m typically a skinny vanilla latte girl, but recently I tried one of their carmel brule lattes. One word, WOW! It’s definitely much richer, but it makes a great treat every now and then. However, my go-to drink is definitely still a s.v.l.
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In the past few months, this has become one of my new favorite mottos. I’ve finally come to realize that to have a fulfilling life, you need to love every moment of it! In return, life will be a lot easier on you. Focus on the positive rather than the negative and always strive to be the best at all you do! 
I got asked to prom this week!!! 🙂
(And I said yes!)

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Hope all of you had a wonderful week as well! Happy Friday!

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    Love the quote!