Shine Bright…. like an Emerald?

When Pantone revealed their choice color of 2013 as Emerald, I was quite pleased with the decision. I personally love the color green and I think that emerald, specifically, is very wearable with many different hair/skin/eye color combos and has such rich hue to it. All of these items are fun ways to work a little emerald into your life on a daily basis, my personal favorite is the Patagonia fleece!
What do you think of Pantone’s color choice for 2013?
Hope you have a fabulous Friday!
  • Love the post!! Everyone's doing it!! I am thinking about doing it on my blog!!!

  • Super cute, Megan! I most definitely love the emerald tones that are so popular this year.

    Once again, great post!!


  • I'd love to see what emerald items you put together, definitely do it!

  • Thank you so much Lydia! 🙂

  • I just stumbled upon your blog, and I absolutely love it! Great post!
    I just started a blog of my own, and if you would please check it out or have any advice for a newbie I would be so appreciative!:)

  • I love how you chose a mix of classic and a bit more daring items! The Hunters are definitely a classic, but the Patagonia.. obsessed! I normally I would never pick that out, but I have to say I love it!!

  • Thanks so much and thanks for following! I added the Patagonia to my Pinterest wish list after publishing the post, I love it too!

  • Well since you're new, welcome to the blogosphere! The advice I'd give any new blogger is:

    1. Post about what you love. It will be more fun for you and it will be easier to come up with post ideas.
    2. Make yourself a schedule of when you want post. I try to post every other day, but I post more often if I can.
    3. Have fun with it! Your blog should be something you enjoy working on, not something you look at as a chore.

    Hope that helps & happy blogging! 🙂