Making Connections

This past weekend Gabbi, one of my fellow Smart Girls, and I met up for a little shopping at one of our local malls. The weather was amazing for December and it really felt much more like May. It was so cool to connect with another girl from SGG who has so many interests similar to mine. I can’t tell you how many times we would reach for the same thing or say “That’s on my Pinterest!” about an item during our shopping trip.
Some of our common interests include that we both write for SGG, we blog (check out Gabbi’s Blog: Southbound Belle), we love to dance, and we are proud prepsters who consistently wear pearls and bows. Funny story: when we were about to take our picture together we realized that we had shown up in the exact same J.Crew skirt in two different colors, too funny!
I think that it’s so amazing how the technology and social media our generation possesses makes it so much easier to connect with people we never would have met otherwise. I’ve made friends like Gabbi, Shelby, Bailey, and so many other girls from Smart Girls Group thanks to social media and the internet, for which I’m so grateful. A few years ago it wouldn’t be possible, I wouldn’t have these girls in my life, or even know they existed. Isn’t that crazy? Yay for social media! 🙂

Megan: top – Ann Taylor;   skirt – J.Crew;   tights – J.Crew;   boots – BP Nordstrom;   bracelets – Tiffany & Co. and Forever 21;   necklace – Pearls for Good;   nail polish – Sephora OPI “Personal Shopper”
Gabbi: top – J.Crew;   skirt – J.Crew;   loafers – Eastland;   pearls – heirloom;   watch – Michael Kors; ring – heirloom
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!