Supergirl – Halloween 2012

Happy Belated Halloween 2012! 🙂
I almost didn’t realize that this was my last Halloween at home until it was finally here and I honestly still can’t believe it! Like I’ve said in previous posts, these “lasts” are getting more and more frequent and standing out much more to me. I had a great time handing out candy all night to the adorable little trick-or-treaters while dressed up as Supergirl. I put my own spin on the look by adding a tutu, a bow, and some cute fingerless gloves to my costume. It definitely made the whole getup more my style, aka MUCH more girly!
top – Ann Taylor;   gloves – holiday craft fair;   cape – Ralph Lauren towel;   tutu – recital a few years ago;   bow – Bow Arts;   nail polish – “Tart Deco” by Essie

How was your Halloween & what did you dress up as?