Make the Most of the Night – Hoco 2012

I had a fabulous time this year at homecoming dancing, taking pictures, and socializing with my friends and classmates. The group I went with included some of my closest friends so it was a really great time! We did pictures and dinner beforehand and then went to the dance which was way more fun this year because more people were actually dancing. They had jungle themed decorations and some pretty cool lighting that made it look like there were shadows of trees all along the walls of our gym. One of the traditions I love about our homecoming dance is that they always have a huge set of spotlights that they shine into the sky outside just like you would see at a movie premiere.

I can’t believe this was my last high school dance besides prom. It’s moments like the one right after my group left the dance when I’m hit with the realization that I’m really going to be in college next year. Everything is flying by so fast! I’ve had so many high school “lasts” already and next week is quarter exams. There’s a part of me that would love for high school to be over so I can be in college already, but then I remember how everything will be so different and I want to cling to every bit of high school I have left. I’m doing my best to live in the moment at this point.

My friends and I had tons of fun dancing the entire time we were there and these were some of the songs we had the most fun dancing to:
~Die Young – Ke$ha
~All The Single Ladies – Beyonce
~We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
~Want U Back – Cher Lloyd


dress – Lilly Pulitzer;   bag – Tasha;   earrings & necklace – Kate Spade;   ring & bracelet – Forever 21;   shoes – Nine West;   nail polish – “Snog” by Butter London

(R to L) EW, DJ, and I

(L to R) EK, DJ, and I

What song always makes you want to dance?


  • LOVE your dress and your shoes!!

  • Meg

    Thank you so much Abi Jane! I love putting together outfits for events like this 🙂

  • So cute! I love love your nails!

  • Meg

    Thanks Bailey! 🙂

  • Great twist on a homecoming dress! And enjoy high school–it'll be over before you know it!

  • Meg

    Thank you Nicole! I was definitely going for something that was not what you'd typically see at my school's dances 🙂 It's flying by, but I'll be sure to enjoy what's left as much as I possibly can 🙂

  • You look *so* beautiful! I love your Lilly, and those shoes make me think of Cinderella!

    Love the post!

  • Meg

    Awww thank you so much, those are are such sweet compliments! Oh my gosh, that's what the shoes reminded me of too! That's part of why I love them so much 😉