Fall ’12 Favorites

Happy Saturday!
Today I thought it would be fun to do a post on a few of my favorite things this fall. I was inspired by some of the beauty/fashion youtubers I watch who do monthly favorite videos of beauty products and such. I always love watching those types of videos, so I thought I would throw my own spin on things and do a post on some of my fall 2012 favorites. I’ve included music favorites, a few somewhat random favorites, and of course some my fall fashion favorites!
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
What can I say, they’re absolutely fantastic and I look forward to them in the fall every year! If you’re worried for any reason about too much in the way of calories, then substitute skim milk for the usual whole milk and ask for no whip. They’re still just as amazing!
 Carrie Underwood’s Album “Blown Away”
I’ve really been loving the songs “See You Again,” “Blown Away,” “Forever Changed,” & “Good Girl.” I’ve become especially attracted to country music within the last few years and Carrie Underwood is definitely one of my favorite artists in the genre.
image via Olivia Bell Photography
Hunter Boots
It’s been raining quite a bit recently around here, so I’ve been wearing my hot pink Hunters at least once a week for the past month or so. Hunters can go with a huge variety of outfits and I especially love the fact that mine are pink because they add a wonderful, bright pop of color to any rainy or gloomy day.
My Lilly Pulitzer Agenda
I honestly don’t know what I would do without my planner. This month it’s been especially helpful and necessary with figuring out college app deadlines or visits, keeping track of homework, and specifically within this last week: studying for quarter finals!
Ralph Lauren Romance Perfume
I’ve found myself gravitating to this scent a lot recently in the morning when I’m deciding what perfume I want to wear on a given day. (I also love taking the rollerball version with me on the go.) I’m pretty sure this is the only scent I’ve worn for the past month with the exception of my signature scent, Kate Spade Twirl.

Lightweight Scarves
I did a loop post on Smart Girls Group about this key transitional wardrobe piece relatively recently. I consider lighter weight scarves a year round staple, but they’re especially perfect for the fall months of the year when the temperature can vary so much day to day.
I want your feedback! Do you like these types of posts/do you want me to do “favorite” posts more often? Or do you have a certain subject or type of post you’d like to see here on Bowtiful Life? If so, comment below or shoot me an email at megan@bowtifullife.com