College Visits & Carry-On



Note: As I wrote this post, I was sitting on early-morning flight headed to Florida
(hurray for extra leg room in exit-row seats!)
This is my first time flying completely by myself so I’m slightly nervous about the whole experience and the extra independence/responsibility, but I’m also really excited! I’m so excited to get there, because I’m visiting my friend Shelby at Rollins for my first out-of-state college visit! I’ll be putting up more posts about my visit, so keep an eye out for them!


I thought that now would be the perfect time to share what I put in my carry-on bag because it could be helpful to anyone else who’s flying for college visits or vacation. I’m somewhat of an over packer when it comes to my checked bag, but I’ve gotten my carry-on down to a science if I do say so myself. My carry-on perfectly fits under the seat in front of me which is really convenient since I can’t stand using the overhead bins. Most airlines carry-on guidelines restrict each person to one bag and one personal item (ie: a purse, laptop, etc.) My carry-on consists of my laptop in a hard-shell, protective Vera case and a medium sized Vera Bradley bag called the “Grand Traveler.”  These provide enough room for everything I need

~ my makeup bag: make sure anything liquid or gel like is under 3oz for security
~ backup phone battery: this has helped me out so many times. It’s basically a rechargeable, portable battery which you can use to recharge your phone when it inconveniently dies.
~ an empty, reusable water bottle: It won’t be a problem for going through security but you can fill it on the other side. This way you don’t need to buy overpriced water at the airport. Drinking water is especially important anytime you’re flying because of how dry the airplane can get
~ sketch book or notebook: I always bring my fashion sketchbook with me when I fly because you never know when inspiration could strike.
~ iPod: Make a playlist filled with music you enjoy listening to. Consider putting recorded books onto your ipod too so you have to choice of listening to that instead.
~ my laptop: Now is a perfect example of me using my laptop during a flight. If you have any homework to do (like typing a paper) then you can do this without internet while you’re flying. You’ll be being productive while passing time too
~your wallet with money, id, etc.
~ sweater or extra layer: As you go higher into the atmosphere while you’re on the plane it typically gets chillier. You can use your extra layer as a pillow if nothing else
~ change of clothes: If you’re going to a location with a different climate (like in my case) then you should have a weather-appropriate outfit in your bag that you can change in to after landing at your destination.

What are your carry-on essentials?