To Write Love on Her Arms

It’s National Suicide Prevention Week and the time of year when you see people walking around with the word “love” written on their arm(s). I’m taking part again this year because I believe in doing absolutely everything you can to prevent self-harm and suicide. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you live, what you look like, how many friends you have, etc. 
NONE of that changes your value as a human being 
I believe that every life is equally significant and should be treated with love and respect.
If you ever have the thought cross your mind “Why does it matter if I’m here or not?” or “I wish it could all be over.” You need to stop yourself before you do anything drastic and remember that:
& most importantly
Wether you realize it or not, people truly care about you. Never throw away the amazing and wonderful gift you’ve been blessed with: a life full of promise and hope. No matter how bad things get, it will ALWAYS get better. Life can be rough, but life can also be rewarding if you face adversity with courage, perseverance, and the knowledge that you are never alone.
If you see someone else who seems to be having a bad day, take the time to reach out to them. All it takes is one word, “Hi,” and a smile. Making sure they’re okay and showing them that someone cares about them could make all the difference. You have no idea how you can touch a person’s life if you do nothing. You may never know that you touched their life, but there is probably at least one person who’s life you have touched and made a difference in at some point.
Spread the love, prevent self-harm & suicide