College Interview

This week I went to my first individual college interview! I was pretty nervous beforehand because I wanted to make the best possible first impression. It turned out to be a wonderful experience and quite a lot of fun! I was interviewed by a recent graduate from the class of 2012 and I also talked with the person in charge of admissions for my area as well as some parents who have children currently enrolled in the school. I was there for about an hour in total and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I’m also ridiculously excited because I’m going to be visiting soon!
Also in regard to the whole college prep process, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m finalizing my final short list and I’ve just got to fill out the supplements for certain schools before I can start applying! I can’t wait for the whole application process to be done, it will be one less thing to have in my planner and stress about. 
As for now I’ve just got to keep doing my best in school, get through the whole college application process, try to fit more sleep into my schedule, keep attending dance classes, manage my blog and other social media sites, & (very importantly) spend plenty of time with friends and family. Yep, my planner is pretty packed right now, but that’s how I like it! 
headband – Lacoste;  earrings – Givenchy;  necklace – vintage;  sweater – L.L. Bean;  skirt – J.Crew;  bracelets – Forever 21, Tiffany & Co, and vintage;  boots – B.P.