Chasing The Sun

It’s crazy to think that a week from today I’ll be starting school again! I’m definitely going to miss the freedoms of summer, but I’m really looking forward to seeing lots of my friends again (some of whom I haven’t seen since May)! As I approach my senior year, I’m amazed by how quickly high school has flown by. At times, there’s a part of me that wishes things would all come to a screeching halt for just a few seconds so I can get a better grasp on the fact that next your I’m going to be going to college!
In regards to preparing to apply to college, I’ve recently gone to a some workshops at my school that have been led by our college counselors. The first one I attended was a general presentation on writing our college essays and during the second we set up our Common App accounts online. The Common App is a site where you can fill out your information just once and then send it to multiple colleges so you don’t have to make a separate application for each college. Not all colleges accept the Common App, but over 400 do. It can be a big time-saver if you’re applying to multiple colleges on their list.
-This is what I wore to the Common App workshop earlier this week-
tank – J. Crew;   sweater – J. Crew;   shorts – Aeropostale;   bow – BowArts;   shoes – Birkenstock;   belt – unknown;   necklace – Pearls for Good;   ring – Kate Spade;   watch – Gucci;  bracelets – vintage & Tiffany & Co.;   wristlet – Vera Bradley;   nail polish: fingers – Sephora OPI How Cute is That, toes – Essie A-List
  • Absolutely love your outfit! Good luck with everything college – I do NOT miss the application process, but I'm so excited to be starting my second year of college! It's so worth it. I have a question – who takes your outfit pictures? xoxo

  • Meg

    Hi Eleanor! Thanks so much for the luck, I'll definitely take it! 🙂 I take almost all of the pictures myself actually! My tripod and the timer on my camera have become my best friends for OOTD posts haha 😉

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