June Book Review: Dare to Dream

I apologize profusely for this not being posted a week ago. Thanks for being patient!
Among the books I read this month, one that I especially enjoyed was the official One Direction Book, Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction. Granted, a large portion of the book was pictures, but did you really think I could resist writing a post on One Direction any longer?!?
Didn’t think so 😉
If you follow me on twitter you have probably seen my numerous 1D related tweets. I absolutely love One Direction! I’m not just a fan because I think they’re ridiculously cute, but that doesn’t hurt, I’m a fan because I think their music is spectacular and they have really fun & down-to-earth personalities. My personal favorite members of the band are Niall and Harry, but I think they’re all wonderful!
I recently purchased tickets for their 2013 world tour and I’m so extremely excited even though the concert is over a year away. I just can’t help it! I’m so psyched to see them live especially after hearing about the experience my friends Shelby & Bailey had when they saw them on their recent Up All Night Tour. (Shelby posted on that here.) I’m getting so excited just thinking about it!!!
(Okay enough fan-girling, now on to the actual book review!)
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dare to Dream: Life as One Direction and I was actually somewhat surprised as to just how much written content there was! The book is divided into five sections, on for each member of One Direction, where they recount stories and memories from their childhood up to and including now. It was really cool to get some insight on what they were all like before becoming One Direction and on how they feel in regards to all the attention they get.
I thought it was amazing that Louis, the eldest member of One Direction, was never able to perform at a school assembly due to nerves and now he’s performing to arenas and theaters full of thousands people all the time. It just goes to show you that if you want something badly enough, you have the support, & personal drive you can overcome your fears.
One of the fabulous things that sets One Direction apart as a band is the relationship they have with their fans. All the members of One Direction have personal twitter and facebook accounts that they use to communicate with their huge fan base. They keep in touch and share so much of their lives with their fans so willingly. They’re all quite open people and they never take their fans and the support they recieve for granted. Throughout the book they constantly comment on how amazing is is to have so many people who’ve never met you be so invested in your success.
One of my favorites parts of the book was the “Quickfire” pages at the end of each member’s section. It was a fun and easy way to get the basic and not so basic facts on each individual. The facts ranged from their birthdays & hometowns to their favorite aftershaves & the color of their duvet covers at home. They also covered favorite food, album, body part, characteristics in a girl, colors, and more.
I absolutely love this book as a fan of One Direction and I would suggest it to anyone who shows an interest in their music. It’s enlightening to hear their personal views on fame and just to get a little peek inside their heads.
Are you a directioner? If so, do you have a favorite member?
Or if you don’t consider yourself a directioner, who is your favorite band?
  • I am not a directioner. They are adorable, but I do not think they have the best voices. Their songs are very uplifting though. My favorite band would be Florence and the Machine. Her voice is so powerful.

  • Meg

    Florence and the Machine does have an amazing voice! She has some really good music too, I love Shake It Out 🙂