May Book Review: Twisted

Book of The Month for May is Twisted by Sara Shepard
With Twisted being the ninth book in the Pretty Little Liars series, I wasn’t sure how they were still going to pull on the whole story of “A” because it’s been the main theme for all of the books with many false “A” accusations, dead-ended leads, and major plot twists. I was happy to find that the main plot remained the same, but the storyline was just as exciting and page-turning as usual. The constant underlying question as to who “A” is has me constantly questioning the motives of all the different characters.

I love the method that Shepard uses in her writing so you get the view points of all four girls within one book. You get so many more details and mini-stories as to what is going on in each of the girls lives while they are all going through the main story of the book together. I was very happy with this installment to the Pretty Little Liars series and I’m looking forward to start book number ten, Ruthless very soon!

I began reading the Pretty Little Liars books before the show ever started, but I’ve also become a huge fan of the TV show and I’m so excited for it’s return on June 6th! After so many unanswered questions from the end of last season I’m curious to see what the next plot turn will be. That’s one of my favorite things about the show, you never know what to expect because they aren’t following the plot of the books. I like this especially because then I can enjoy both the show and the book series without having the end of one ruined by the other.

If you’ve never read any of the books or seen the TV show on ABC Family I would definitely suggest tuning in for the upcoming season or picking up the first book the next time you visit your library or a bookstore.
Have a fabulous day, TGIF!